RENT-A-CAR, Omladinska zadruga Skadarlija

1. O.Z. Skadarlija, Belgrade, (herein further reffered to as "Skadarlija") rents a car.

2. By signing the contract, the renter confirms that he has received the vehicle in good order and condition with full gassoline tank if not specified otherwise in the contract.

3. Renter shall pay fuel consumed during the rental.

4. Renter undertakes to return vehicle together with all tires, tools, car document, standard and additional equipment as it was rented.

5. Renter will return vehicle on the specified date or at such earlier date as "Skadarlija" may require. In case the renter wishes to extend specified period of rental agreement from "Skadarlija" must be obtained at least 24 hours before term of tills agreement and an additional sum of deposit to be paid immediately upon agreement.

6. The vehicle may be operated only by renter or by person stated as additional driver in the contract, who possesses the necessary qualifications and documents.

7. The vehicle must not be operated:

  • to pull or row of other vehicles;
  • in motor sport event or any kind of competition;
  • by any person under influence of drugs or alchocol;
  • while overloaded i.e. carrying more passengers or freight then permitted by car registration papers;
  • to transport animals, combustibile or explosive freight, freight with strong unpleasant smell or bulky freight that can damage the vehicle.

8. Renter shall not assign his rights hereunder or sell the vehicle or parts of thereof.

9. Renter agrees that he will not cross the Serbian border without previously obtaining the agreement of "Skadarlija"

10. If the renter, without prior agreement of "Skadarlija", carries on using the car after period of usage stipulated herein the vehicle will be deemed to be stolen. "Skadarlija" shall notify the police and renter will be considered both morally and financially responsible for the vehicle.

11. Renter is obliged to take a good care of the car, particulary to check water, oil and tire pressure and to effect the necessary oil changes.
Changes in reference to repair can be accepted by "Skadarlija" if they were previously authorized by "Skadarlija" and on basis of receipts presented to "Skadarlija".
Renter shall be liable for all charges caused by insufficient maintenance or inadequate utillization.

12. Renter is liable for all damages caused to the vehicle as a result of utilization outside of proper road. In addition to above the Renter will be charged for all costs of rowing of the damaged vehicle, costs of reduced value of the vehicle as well as loss of revenue due to immobilization during repair.
The renter is also responsibile for all damages to third parties as a result of utilization outside of the roads and all expensed incurred by "Skadarlija", as a result from such damage.

13. Renter is liable for all damages to vehicles caused untill return of the vehicle by renter or third parties, if he has supplied "Skadarlija" with false information as to indentity, adress or validity of his drivers licence. In case of damage to third party as a result of such misrepresentation by renter. Renter shall be liable for all expenses incurred by "Skadarlija", as a result thereof.

14. Renter agrees to keep doors of the vehicle locked and to remove the keys when not in use. Upon termination of agreement the renter is obliged to return all the car documents and car keys, in case of noncompliance with this obligation the renter shall bare the expenses incurred for replacement of the same.

15. "Skadarlija" shall not be liable for the loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported in or upon vehicle, before or during rental or after the return of the vehicle. Renter agrees to hold "Skadarlija" harmless from all claims and costs based upon such loss or damage.

16. During rental period Renter shall pay the costs of parking, trafic or other legal violations assessed against the vehicle, as well as all other costs that are not scheduled costs.

17. Renter who took all measures to prevent mechanical damages on the vehicle will not have to pay repaire of such damages.

18. "Skadarlija" is not liable for any consequence by any defect of the vehicle during the period of rental.

19. In case of seals damage, odometer failure renter shall stop driving and inform the "Skadarlija immediately in order to obtain instructions for further procedure."

20. Renter agrees to pay all the costs under the agreement within the period as stated under the law.

21. Rented vehicle is insured: a) hull and b) third party liability insurance.

22. If the vehicle has been operated in accordance with terms and conditions of agreement, the liability of the renter for damage to the vehicle is being limited to the deductable normally stipuated in policy of insurance by first class domestic insurer for that type of vehicle.

23. Renter agrees to protect interest of "Skadarlija" in case of accident, during term of rental by:

  • obtaining names and adresses of parties involved and witnesses;
  • not abandoning the vehicle without previously providing for adequate safeguarding and storing of the same;
  • notifying "Skadarlija" and giving detailed report in writing of accident;
  • notyfing the police and obtaining the report of the accident;
In case the Renter fails to fullfill any of the above stated obligations lie will held responsible for all consequences which "Skadarlija" may have as a result of such non complience.